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Kansas Bankruptcy Clerk's Office in Kansas City Closed Temporarily

Apparently what triggered the closure is that someone, either an attorney or client, with a confirmed Covid-19 diagnosis, attending a meeting a creditors. Here is the announcement: "Counsel, Chief Judge Robinson of Read More

Missouri Courts Closed through April 3rd.

While we can file a lawsuit on your behalf, our firm has had court dates postponed from this week to the month of May. Which for your individual case, a Read More

Johnson County Law Library Closed

If you are needing to do some legal research, get forms or makes copies, be aware they too are closed, indefinitely: "The law library is currently closed. During this time, Kristin Read More

Courts Close due to Covid-19: Your collection court dates will not be for several months

Since my last post on Thursday, the notifications for all the courts  have been coming in fast and numerous. Will try to update you by making those available here. Read More

Kansas Legislature Looking at Impact to the District Courts from COVID-19

Kansas Representative Fred Patton introduced a conceptual bill to the House Committee on Tax today which would apparently provide broad authority to the Chief Justice to extend deadlines in response Read More

IRS Updates Guidance on Business Expense Deductions for Meals and Entertainment

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service issued proposed regulations on the business expense deduction for meals and entertainment following changes made by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). The 2017 Read More

Kansas Legislative Update: Bill introduced in senate regarding post judgment collection of medical bills

Senate Bill, SB 477,  was introduced, which would prohibit bench warrants on medical debt.  it is before the Senate Committee on Federal and State Affairs with no hearing set at the Read More

Kansas Legislature is at The Halfway Point

Three new tort reform bills were  introduced   in the Senate Judiciary Committee that deal with attorney’s fees and litigation practices:   Senate Bill 445: prohibiting deceptive lawsuit  advertising practices and restricting Read More

New Associate Circuit Judge in Jackson County downtown, Div. 27

There is a new judge that has replaced Judge Gillis. On January 29th, Missouri Governor Mike Parson appointed Sarah A. Castle as Associate Circuit Judge for the 16th Judicial Circuit. Read More

Kansas Supreme Court News Release: dismissing case brought by judges to force the legislature to provide more money

On January 22 "The Kansas Supreme Court issued an order today dismissing a case brought by several trial judges and a court employee against the Kansas Legislature asking the court to Read More

Hello world!

Welcome to the official blog of the Hetley Law Firm, P.A. We will begin posting on this blog shortly, so please check back regularly for updates about the firm, notable Read More

Viewing 81 - 91 out of 91 posts


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