A downturn in the economy historically speaking means an uptick in disputes, both in litigation and in mediation and arbitration. Our firm practices in the specialized area of creditors' rights primarily in Kansas and Missouri. We protect creditors' rights when borrowers default on secured or unsecured loans. Our focus is entirely on the creditor – never the borrower – which means that we have developed an in-depth perspective on creditors' rights. Our extensive knowledge, experience and skill help us to achieve optimum results for our clients, including all types of debt for credit grantors, including mechanic's liens, and the registration of foreign judgments. Additionally, our firm provides experienced representation of creditors' rights in the field of bankruptcy representation and enforcement of secured claims.

As lawyers, we are able to take actions that collections agencies cannot take. For example, we:

  • File lawsuits to obtain judgments
  • Empower the sheriff to collect on judgment by filing enforcement actions
  • Conduct debtor examinations
  • File liens on property
  • Garnish debtors' wages and bank accounts

We can evaluate and recommend the most effective pre-suit and post-judgment treatments. Recovering your accounts efficiently, timely and working in compliance with applicable law is our goal.

Our Clients: A Cross-Section of the Nation's Credit Grantors

We are proud to serve a wide array of credit grantors and national businesses.

Among them are:

  • Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Vehicle & Truck Lenders
  • Equipment Leasing Companies