Your business office has likely already called your client and made multiple attempts to collect outstanding debt. Maybe a collections agency has even brow beaten the client to collect the debt. However, many times, these tactics don't work. It often takes aggressive legal action to effectively collect on commercial debts.

Our law firm knows how the Missouri and Kansas legal systems work, and we know how to obtain payment for our commercial clients. We have over 25 years of experience each in the enforcement of loans and creditor remedies. We bring extensive national experience in handling all areas of commercial litigation, including the prosecution, defense or avoidance of following, including:

  • Extraordinary remedies, including prejudgment attachment, injunctions, replevins and receiverships
  • Uniform Commercial Code enforcement, including Article 9 sales, voluntary surrender of collateral transactions and direct collection of accounts receivable
  • Real estate remedies including direct collection from tenants, receivership actions, receivers' sales, trustees' sales and mortgage foreclosure actions of houses and commercial real estate when the debtor is in default.
  • Commercial debt collection litigation
  • Priority litigation with other lienholders, including secured creditors, taxing authorities, reclamation claimants, mechanic's lien claimants and landlords
  • Representation of secured creditors in contested bankruptcy proceedings, including stay relief, valuation, confirmation, preference, fradulent transfer and other bankruptcy litigation
  • Pursuit of recipients of fradulent transfers and other avoidable transfers, and, in addition, defense of fradulent transfer, preference and other avoidance litigation

We will work quickly to negotiate with the debtor, file a lawsuit and collect on the judgment, including garnishment of wages and/or bank accounts.  You can count on us to keep you informed throughout the process and do everything possible to obtain the money you are owed.