One of the most challenging aspects of your business is when a debtor files for bankruptcy. Once the debt has been discharged or merged into a reorganization plan, any recourse is limited to challenging the validity of the bankruptcy protection, attempting to assert priority over other creditors or exploring other post-bankruptcy collection strategies available. Time is of the essence in terms of disputing a bankruptcy filing, and the sooner you act, the better your chance of delaying or preventing the debt from being discharged or restructured.

With have represented clients nationwide in bankruptcy courts, and have developed a team of attorneys to see that your bankruptcy motions are filed within days in many jurisdictions. Our goal is to have your court orders entered as promptly as possible. Customized status reports are delivered regularly so that you can keep current on the status of your cases.

Bankruptcy and commercial litigation services offered nationwide include:

  • Preparation & filing of proofs of claims
  • Motions for relief from stay
  • Objections to Chapter 13 plans
  • Prosecution and defense of adversary actions such as objections to discharge, preference actions and disputes involving lien priorities
  • Replevin/claim and delivery actions in state court
  • Attendance at meetings of creditors

Our nationwide bankruptcy and replevin services are reasonable, affordable and hassle-free. We cut through the bureaucracy so you only have to deal with one law firm.